A research on the west nile virus a virus causing severe human meningoencephalitis

West Nile virus

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6 total results. A Research on the West Nile Virus, a Virus Causing Severe Human Meningoencephalitis.

Rift Valley fever

1, words. 2 pages. The History of the Epidemic of West Nile Virus Since 3, words. 7 pages. The Background and Distribution of the West Nile Virus from Uganda.

Oct 12,  · A concern regarding LP is that the lowering of CSF pressure from withdrawal of CSF could precipitate herniation of the brain. Herniation can sometimes occur in acute bacterial meningitis and other CNS infections as the consequence of severe cerebral edema or acute hydrocephalus.

Encephalitis is an acute inflammation of the brain.

West Nile Virus

It is usually caused by a viral infection, or by the immune system attacking brain tissue, and it is rarely life-threatening. Early symptoms are.

West Nile Virus Infection and its Neurological Manifestations

West Nile neuroinvasive disease (WNND), which occurs in less than 1 percent of cases, is when the virus infects the central nervous system resulting in meningitis, encephalitis, meningoencephalitis or a poliomyelitis-like syndrome.

Arbovirus is an informal name used to refer to any viruses that are transmitted by arthropod abrasiverock.com word arbovirus is an acronym (ARthropod-BOrne virus).

The word tibovirus (TIck-BOrne virus) is sometimes used to more specifically describe viruses transmitted by ticks, a superorder within the arthropods. Arboviruses can affect both animals, including humans, and plants.

West Nile virus meningoencephalitis

Typically, severe WNV syndromes manifest as one of three syndromes: West Nile encephalitis (inflammation of the brain); West Nile meningitis (inflammation of the meninges of the brain and spinal cord); or West Nile meningoencephalitis (inflammation of both the brain and the meninges).

These three syndromes can cause severe brain .

A research on the west nile virus a virus causing severe human meningoencephalitis
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