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The reports can also include sampling of groundwater and surface water. This testing is recommended when there is a significant potential for the existence of an. Illuminate Data & Assessment™ Build assessments, access pre-built reports, and analyze data quickly and easily to inform instruction. Learn More.

eduCLIMBER. This interactive tool allows you to visualize data from assessments, behavior incidents, attendance, and RtI to use in minutes.


Register for our Illuminate Education User Conference. Teachers' assessment tools are an important part of judging the capabilities, progress and development of students. Assessment tools help teachers judge how much a student knows at the beginning of a school year, semester or subject. In the same vein, little time is spent reviewing the body of writing offering advice and tools for leadership assessment.

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Rather, the focus is on empirical literature that informs how leadership assessment is or can be used in relation to learning improvement. In the School of Education, you’ll master your role as an educator, demonstrating excellence in the delivery of instruction, and the ability to meet the needs of students.

School of Education - Seattle Pacific University.

Antioch seattle writing assessment tools
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