Factors affecting resistance of a wire

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Factors that affect resistance of a wire?

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What factors affect resistance?

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In case that the markings are required to make printing on the surface in the product stand, the mark of “China Compulsory Certification”, abbreviation in English “CCC”, has to be printed and the size of the character shall fit the overall dimension of the electric wire and cable products.

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That means, thinner the wire, greater the resistance and thicker the wire, lower the resistance. If A is the area of cross- section of the uniform wire, then, 8. There are a few factors that affect how much resistance electricity encounters, including the width of the wire, the wire material and the length of the wire.

A longer wire requires more width and should be made of a material that is highly conductive to cut down on resistance. abrasiverock.com A practical guide to earth resistance testing The word ‘Megger’ is a registered trademark.

Factors Affecting The Resistance Of A Wire Case Study Solution & Analysis

What are the factors affecting resistance of a resistor? How does the change in the dimension of a material affect the resistivity of that material? How is the resistance of a wire affected if its length is doubled?

Factors affecting resistance of a wire
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