Railgun research paper

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Railgun research paper

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From Research to Railgun: Revolutionary Weapon at Future Force EXPO

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Railgun research paper

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Tom Boucher, program manager for the Electromagnetic Railgun at the Office of Naval Research (second from right), talks to Rear Adm. David Hahn, chief of naval research, during a visit to the.

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Ray Department of ~echanical Engineering. The purpose of the present paper is to suggest some design features which may give some alternate approaches to railgun design.

These may have both advantages and disadvantages in. This would imply that rail guns are most efficient at accelerating light payloads, which would steer research towards smaller bores; however it has been shown experimentally [9] that with very small calibers.

Limits of rail gun performance have been evaluated by Hawke et al. and velocities up to 10 km/s have been obtained for 3 gm projectiles in a m long rail gun The research on current distribution of rails is very important for an electromagnetic railgun (EMG).

In this paper, the influences of skin effect and proximity effect on current density distribution were analyzed.

From Research to Railgun: Revolutionary Weapon at Future Force EXPO Railgun research paper
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