Research seminar

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Writing the Research Proposal 1.

Clinical Research Seminar

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STS examines the intellectual foundations of archaeology in the deep sea.

Software Research Seminar

The course explores the current convergence of oceanography, archaeology, and engineering which allows scientists to discover, survey, and excavate shipwrecks in deep water with robots and submarines. The course seeks to address the following questions: How are new devices best employed for archaeological work?

Research. Research Seminar; Graduate Programs; Center for Retrovirus Research; College Research Day; Environmental Health and Safety; Grant Support; Research Seminar; Graduate Programs; Center for Retrovirus Research; College Research Day; Environmental Health and.

Abstract. A growing global market for generic minerals that are used in technical products for the ‘green’ energy transition and the electronic industry holds interesting potential for the Arctic.

Research seminar series Each year the Department of Accounting invites some of the brightest minds in the field of accounting to present at our seminar series. Our research seminars provide an environment in which research ideas are exchanged, discussed and critiqued.

ERS Research Seminars promote in-depth discussion between experts on topics of importance. The events are designed to facilitate continued medical education by generating discussion on recently published papers and on-going research projects.

The Kuala Lumpur Seminar Series is hosted by the World Bank's Development Research Group (DECRG) based in the World Bank Group Global Knowledge and Research Hub in Malaysia.

PhD Research Seminar

The series invites leading researchers in development economics and public policy to present their recent work in an academic-style seminar format.

Research seminar
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